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Respirator ozone disinfection kit

A ventilator is a device used to assist patients in breathing, typically used to treat respiratory diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, respiratory distress syndrome, etc. Due to frequent contact between the ventilator and the patient, it is easy to breed bacteria and viruses, so regular cleaning and disinfection are necessary. And the ventilator ozone disinfection machine is a professional equipment that can effectively clean the ventilator.

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    Product Introduction

    Respirator disinfectors typically have the following characteristics:

    Efficient disinfection:The ventilator sterilizer has a disinfection function that can efficiently kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi, ensuring the cleanliness and hygiene of the ventilator and related equipment.

    Multiple disinfection methods:Common disinfection methods include ultraviolet disinfection, ozone disinfection, chemical disinfection, etc. Different disinfectors may use different techniques, and suitable disinfection methods can be selected according to needs.

    Automation program:Some respirator disinfectors have intelligent program design, which can automatically carry out the disinfection process and simplify the operation process.

    Safe and reliable:The sterilizer is designed for safe and reliable operation, ensuring the safety of users and equipment.

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    Ozone disinfection technology is a widely used disinfection technology in the medical and health field. It utilizes the strong oxidizing and bactericidal properties of ozone to sterilize, disinfect, and deodorize the air and surface of objects. The ventilator ozone disinfection machine is a device that utilizes ozone disinfection technology to comprehensively disinfect and clean the ventilator.

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    Product Features

    The ventilator ozone disinfection machine has the following advantages:

    Efficient sterilization:The ozone disinfection machine can quickly kill bacteria and viruses inside the ventilator, effectively preventing cross infection.

    Comprehensive cleaning:The ozone disinfection machine can not only clean the outer surface of the ventilator, but also clean the internal parts and pipelines of the ventilator, ensuring the overall cleanliness of the ventilator.

    Safety and Environmental Protection:Ozone disinfection technology is a harmless and environmentally friendly disinfection method that does not cause harm to the human body or pollute the environment.

    Easy to operate:The operation of the ventilator ozone disinfection machine is simple, just put the ventilator into the equipment, press the button to disinfect and clean.

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    The working principle of the ventilator disinfection kit

    Using the built-in generator to generate a mixed disinfection gas mainly composed of ozone

    The disinfection host automatically sends out disinfection gas, which enters the ventilator through a dedicated pipeline for disinfection

    Disinfection gas covers every dead corner inside the machine, achieving the goal of comprehensive sterilization

    Using the timing device on the disinfection host to ensure the maintenance of disinfection gas concentration per unit volume and ensure sterilization effectiveness