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    Pancreatic cyst metal drainage stent

    The metal drainage bracket is made of high-performance metal materials, which have excellent strength and stability, and can provide reliable support and channels to maintain smooth drainage.

    The metal drainage stent has a certain degree of elasticity and flexibility, which can adapt to the shape and changes of pancreatic cysts, reduce stimulation and damage to surrounding tissues.

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      Product Introduction

      The pancreatic cyst metal drainage stent is a medical device used in the drainage treatment of pancreatic cysts. Pancreatic cysts are cystic structures formed within the pancreas, filled with fluid. If the cyst increases in size or causes symptoms, drainage treatment may be necessary.
      Pancreatic cyst metal drainage stent refers to the implantation of a metal stent into a pancreatic cyst through endoscopy or other appropriate methods to achieve drainage and drainage of fluid from the cyst. Metal brackets can provide stable support and channels, allowing fluid to be smoothly discharged, thereby reducing or eliminating the pressure on cysts.
      The implantation of a pancreatic cyst metal drainage stent requires the operation of a professional doctor. During the operation, attention should be paid to evaluating the position, size, and shape of the cyst, and comprehensive consideration should be given to the specific situation of the patient. Imaging examinations may be required before and after surgery to evaluate treatment effectiveness and ensure smooth drainage.
      It should be noted that the metal drainage stent for pancreatic cysts is a treatment method, and the specific use and efficacy need to be guided and judged by a professional doctor. If you or someone you know are facing similar problems, please consult a doctor promptly for professional advice and treatment plans.

      Product Features

      1.High conductivity: The metal drainage stent has a large channel diameter and good conductivity, which can effectively guide the discharge of fluid from pancreatic cysts, reduce the pressure and inflammatory response of pancreatic cysts.

      2.Long term stability: Metal drainage stents have good corrosion resistance and long-term stability, which can maintain smooth drainage for a long time and reduce the recurrence and regeneration of cysts.

      3.Hardness and rigidity:Metal drainage brackets have high hardness and rigidity, which can provide strong support and prevent bracket collapse or displacement.

      4.Easy to implant and adjust:The metal drainage stent has a flexible design and minimal implantation trauma, making implantation surgery easier and faster. The length and shape of the stent can be adjusted according to the patient's specific situation to adapt to the size and position of the cyst.

      5.Biocompatibility: Metal drainage stents are usually made of biocompatible materials, which have minimal tissue irritation and reduce patient discomfort.

      6.Durability: Metal drainage brackets have high durability and can be used for a long time without being easily damaged or deformed.



      The metal drainage stent for pancreatic cysts is mainly used to treat symptoms and complications caused by pancreatic cysts. Pancreatic cysts are liquid cysts that accumulate inside the pancreas, causing discomfort such as compression, inflammatory response, and pain in pancreatic tumors. The application of metal drainage stents can help eliminate fluid from pancreatic cysts, reduce the pressure on the cysts, thereby alleviating symptoms and reducing the occurrence of complications.
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      Model specifications

      Mushroom head diameter

      Bracket cavity diameter

      Saddle length

      twenty one



      twenty four