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Laparoscopic surgical instruments with continuous titanium clips

Made of titanium alloy material, lightweight, with high strength and durability.

Titanium alloy material has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and can be used in a surgical environment for a long time and maintain good condition.

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    $35/ Piece

    Product Introduction

    Laparoscopic titanium clamps are commonly used in laparoscopic surgery to grip and control tissues, blood vessels, or other structures. This type of titanium clamp is usually exquisitely designed and can perform precise operations during surgery, reducing damage and bleeding. They play an important role in laparoscopic surgery, helping surgeons perform high-precision operations while also helping to reduce surgical trauma and recovery time.
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    1.Laparoscopic titanium forceps typically have the following characteristics: High strength and corrosion resistance: Made of high-quality titanium alloy, it has high strength and corrosion resistance, suitable for long-term application in the internal environment.

    2.Fine design: Lightweight design helps surgeons perform precise operations, reduce hand fatigue, and improve surgical accuracy.

    3.Easy to clean and disinfect: The surface treatment is specially designed for easy cleaning and disinfection, meeting medical and health standards.

    4.Non magnetic: Titanium clamps are usually non-magnetic and are not affected by external magnetic fields, suitable for surgical environments that require magnetic interference.

    5.Equipped with corresponding operating handles: Usually designed to be user-friendly and convenient for doctors to operate stably.



    Laparoscopic titanium forceps are medical devices specifically designed for laparoscopic surgery, typically used for fine tissue manipulation and vascular hemostasis within the body cavity. Its main applications include but are not limited to the following aspects:

    Vascular ligation:Using titanium clamps to clamp blood vessels and effectively stop bleeding, suitable for vascular treatment in various intracavitary surgeries.

    Tubal ligation:In gynecological surgery, titanium clamps can be used to ligate the fallopian tubes, achieving the purpose of surgical treatment.

    Tissue cutting:In combination with other instruments such as electrocoagulation knives or scissors, it can be used for tissue cutting and removal.

    Tissue clamping:In laparoscopic surgery, titanium clamps can be used to clamp and move tissues, allowing surgeons to perform precise operations.

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    Model specifications

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    Q1: Are you a manufacturer or wholesale distributor?
    A1: We are a manufacturer and also distribute other products if you need help with superior quality and best price.

    Q2: What kind of payment terms do you accept?
    A2: We accept payment terms as below: Master card VISA card Online bank payment T/T payment

    Q3: Can I place a sample order first for testing?
    A3: Yes, some can be free sample, you just need to pay for the shipping fee. But some also need to pay for both, please confirm the details with us.

    Q4: How long do I need to wait for shipping?
    A4: Sample order: 7 days after receiving full payment. Bulk order: 7-15 days after receiving deposit. (depending on order quantity)

    Q5: What is the MOQ?
    A5. We accept small order to support your business.

    Q6: Is it possible to use our own packaging box?
    A6: For bulk order, the box can be customized, we will confirm the design before packing. But for sample order, we can only use our normal box.